What a weekend

Why does growing up just mean we’re only left with boring thing to do? We work all week just trying to make it until Friday. Saturday comes and goes in the flash of an eye. Then it’s Sunday morning and you finally feel rested; but, you’re left with chores and other boring adult things.

I feel like I’ve stopped living life, and, I’m just going through the motions. I blur through the week and sleep through the weekend. Is this normal? Is this all we’re left with?

I have three to four days before some new medication arrives. After that my life transformation will begin.

I know it isn’t January 1st, and it is not time for a New Year’s Resolution; but, I’m making a New Life Resolution. I have to make drastic changes, not only figuring out how to add social items into my day-to-day life, but also starting to live life for me.

Let’s just get organized. I need to:

  • lose weight
  • become more active
  • get out more
  • travel the world
  • stop worrying about tomorrow, live in today
  • take journaling more seriously
  • laugh
  • love
  • better sleep hygiene


I am going to set a reminder and attempt to do this before bed each day. I might allow myself to skip, but, I am going to try and just open up and write.

Weight Loss

I have set a reminder and post every Sunday with a progress update. This will start December 22nd, 2019.
I will start with the baseline 0 and each week track a week loss or gain and a total loss or gain difference.

I’m going to call it a day. It’s been a fairly productive weekend. I accomplished a lot of things from my personal To-Do. I’m actually going to bed on a positive note. Today has been an amazing day. I was full of energy and I didn’t take any naps.

I haven’t really explained, but, the naps are out of control. There are days when I take two or three. Some of them I just do for no good reason. Some mornings I will get out of bed, get onto the couch, start watching TV and just nap to pass the time until work.

The last three months, I’ve done nothing but sleep.

It’s time to wake up. I’ve said it many times over the last three months, but, today I was awake.