A blast from the past

What a strange couple of weeks. It all began when I kept cruising AirBNB for places to stay during some upcoming time away from work. I’ve always had this on-again off-again friend from Southern Illinois. We met each other when I was 20 and he was 18.

He and I have kept in touch, on-again off-again ever since. He has always had this ability to find a guy who wanted to control every aspect of his emotions and which friendships were allowed and end those he didn’t approve of.

He and I haven’t spoken in about 5 years or so. Hell, it may be longer than 5 years. He came to visit me, stayed a weekend, and disappeared. Turns out he started dating (I believe his ex) who was jealous of our friendship. I guess he thought we were just constantly having sex.

A couple of weeks ago I started to plan a weekend getaway, and I found an AirBNB in a town I’ve always thought he had moved to. One of the houses I started to look at was hosted by someone with the same name.

Between his relationships, we had already managed to reconnect and chat. This time is no different. Apparently after his relationship he sends me a text to reconnect. I’m not sure if it’s ironic this happened around the same time I thought about him.

It feels good to reconnect. I’m glad he’s doing good.