26 January 2020

As the month draws to a close, I’ll take a little time to reflect. I’ll just admit defeat, I’ll try not to make this into a pity party for myself. Every week I seem to tell myself I need to change a few things. Simple things. Really simple things.

Simple things, that I just tell myself “next week”, I pretend to make a plan, go through the week and do it all over again. My list is simple:

  • Get a full nights sleep, wake up, and not nap until work.
  • Make a shopping list. A healthy shopping list.
  • Go shopping.

I make lists, or, I start to make the list. I guess in my head the ritual of making the list is enough.

Is it normal to make so many excuses to not eat healthy? I need to finish eating the groceries I just bought. Among others.

I think I’m serious this time. 😉 I’m going to do this. Just after I finish the food I just bought. I’m going to purchase a 5-day meal plan and stick to it.

If I just surround myself with food options that are on the meal plan, it will just be simple. Right?

Again? Yup

I always do this. I get the blog setup, then I run away.

This blog setup seems to be broken somehow. That’s what I get for using a One-Click install. The themes aren’t rendering, and each theme just appears white.

Is white the new black? I thought orange was the new black?

Since my last post, the only new drama I have was with my boss. Who would have thought that I don’t get along with my boss.

I’ve always attempted to give respect for the man, for the position, because it’s what I should do. Employees should respect their bosses, normally.

But what happens when you ask your boss for direction and instead of your boss giving you direction, it’s just redirection. Who do you turn to when your boss isn’t capable of being a boss?

I’ve just started to be more obvious about the fact he has lost all of my respect. I’ll sit at my desk and wait for upper management to replace him and get us a real boss.