Bring on the change

There have always been things about my life that I wanted to change. Well, that change is only two months away. I honestly can’t tell if I’m nervous or if this is something that I really want.

Is that strange?

Now everything is planned, approved, and ready to go.

I know I am not having second thoughts, but, I am feeling strange.

More to come?


The lack of interaction with people is really taking a toll on me. I thought I was unsettled before, I’m extremely unsettled now. I never imagined that I would miss going to work. I have tried to stay in touch with people, but, I keep going stir-crazy.

I’m ready for this whole thing to be over, and I am ready to start socializing. I keep thinking about all of the plans I avoided because I didn’t want to socialize. I promise, I’ll try not to do that again.

I joined a local discord, but, it seems weird. Plus everyone shows their junk. I’m not sure I grew up in a time where that was acceptable?

Why is it so hard to find normal people?

Quarantine Madness

As you read through this, I’m sure I am no different than anyone else during this Global Pandemic. There have to be a ton of people who are single and having to go through this alone.

It has been over 30 days since I’ve had any real contact with the outside world. Unless we’re counting random people at a drive-thru as real contact, perhaps I should have taken a poll.

I should be walking outside more during this. Keeping non-traditional hours makes walking difficult. The non-traditional hours also make it difficult to interact with people.

Recently, I’ve met a couple of people from some new Discord groups. You talk with someone for like four days only to find out half of the things they told you were a lie. I don’t really understand the point of starting it all off with a lie.

Do people truly expect that after the entire foundational relationship that has been built can just change? When you tell people where you’re from, it should be real. When you tell people your name, it should be real. When you tell people your age, it should be real.

You can’t build that foundation and then just tear it out from under the friendship, and expect things to remain the same.

I guess one thing remains the same, we’re both still lonely and just wanting to have some interaction with some other human.

Emotions have been running very high. Lonely, starting to become sad, missing human interaction, emptiness, despair, and having to stay hidden from other humans.

Humans. Contact me. I need interaction.