Only four months?

I normally don’t call out the delay between my postings on the blog. I often switch between a hand-written journal to a blog, so to me, it always feels as if I’m writing. For most of my handwritten journals, I rarely keep the entries for more than a week. There is something cathartic about writing down how you feel, then shredding it. It’s almost as if my problems are also being shredded.

In an attempt to try and keep everyone most involved in my life, I’m going to attempt to begin using the online version primarily.

Moving On…

I won’t say that the last four months have been filled with nothing because I have made some great memories. In some of my digital photo frames, I have always had a healthy mixture of pictures I had taken shuffling with some fantastic photos from public albums. Over the last four months, I have filled up more space in the ratio of my-photos:their-photos being displayed in my frames. A feeling that I can most certainly describe as amazing.

Closing out Q3:22

The last few days have been a very real and reflective look over the past year. A ton in my life has changed, all for the better, but yet, I still seem to be missing that one thing that I think would make me the happiest. Yet, when I force myself to go on these dates with random people from a random app after only exchanging a handful of messages: it just leaves me feeling more empty than before.

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