Just another manic Thursday

I still feel like I’m just rolling through work on zombie mode. I really can’t think of one thing I’ve done this week other than over-sleep and go to work. I did get Starbucks today, I wonder if that counts as doing something different?

I had a poor night of sleep. In return, I’ve been dragging through the entire day. Not only that, I took a nap right after I woke up. I know I said I would stop. I wonder if it’s the sun, or, my lack of sun exposure.

I have a fancy light therapy lamp to help prevent being SAD getting seasonal affective disorder. I need to dig it out of the closet and actually use it. I tend to do that often, buy things and then file them away. It’s almost like the almonds I buy. I picked some up at the store, I haven’t eaten any of them, but, I’ve already ordered more.

I wonder if that means something. Hm.