26 January 2020

As the month draws to a close, I’ll take a little time to reflect. I’ll just admit defeat, I’ll try not to make this into a pity party for myself. Every week I seem to tell myself I need to change a few things. Simple things. Really simple things.

Simple things, that I just tell myself “next week”, I pretend to make a plan, go through the week and do it all over again. My list is simple:

  • Get a full nights sleep, wake up, and not nap until work.
  • Make a shopping list. A healthy shopping list.
  • Go shopping.

I make lists, or, I start to make the list. I guess in my head the ritual of making the list is enough.

Is it normal to make so many excuses to not eat healthy? I need to finish eating the groceries I just bought. Among others.

I think I’m serious this time. 😉 I’m going to do this. Just after I finish the food I just bought. I’m going to purchase a 5-day meal plan and stick to it.

If I just surround myself with food options that are on the meal plan, it will just be simple. Right?