Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog… again. This is the 90th domain I’ve purchased to start a blog. Let’s see how long this one lasts. I’m a fan of the name, because, I am Unsettled. I’ve tried to collect a few neat new domains.

I think I’ve decided the .wtf domain should be the primary, because, what the fuck.

Please brace yourself to be disappointed, bored, and annoyed with the endless blabbing that I plan on doing here.

I typically keep a simple journal. I have been formatting my journal in a fairly unique way. I start with two lists:
1) Three things I accomplished today.
2) Three things I am thankful for.

Then I’ll write a reflective journal about today. My goal is to write for about twenty minutes a day, so the paragraphs are simple and not really expected to be about quantity.

The last section I write about is a retrospective about my feelings from yesterday. I try to review my entry and validate or discredit the feelings. It’s always easy to write things in the heat of the moment, but you should realize and accept they may not have been the most productive thoughts.

I am excited that we are going to take this, now public, journey together.

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